Sunbelt FCU Merges in CU South

April 8, 2019


The membership of Credit Union South, based out of Gulfport, MS, voted to merge with Sunbelt Federal Credit Union on March 20, 2019. This merger provides opportunities to expand upon a number of new services for the members of Credit Union South.

While the merger officially became effective on April 1, 2019, the two credit unions will largely continue operating independently until late Summer of this year. Credit union account holders can take advantage of new services and locations with the integration of each credit union’s computer system on August 1, 2019. Until the system integration is complete, account holders of both credit unions are to continue utilizing their original credit union for services; including their offices, phone numbers, website, and mobile banking.

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With its roots established in Laurel, Sunbelt has served Mississippians with full-service banking solutions since 1953. Now in 2019, Sunbelt offers a growing number of branches across the state serving over 39,000 account owners. Becoming an account owner of Sunbelt is easier than ever before with its ability to serve Jones, Pike, Wayne, Forrest, Lamar, Simpson, and Harrison Counties. Previous Credit Union South members joining Sunbelt will soon take advantage of services such as checking accounts that pay 3% APY, competitive loan rates for virtually everything and everyone, and free financial wellness programs for all account owners.

Sunbelt Federal Credit Union is a certified Community Development Financial Institution serving account owners across the state of Mississippi. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. All credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives. Qualifying is required for membership, financing, and select products and services. APR = annual percentage rate. APY = annual percentage yield.