The MS Pre-K Tax Credit:

An Investment in the Workforce of Tomorrow

Building the workforce of tomorrow doesn’t begin in college or high school. It begins with high-quality early childhood education that forms the basis of essential skills that kids will need as they grow and move through school and the workplace. Research shows high quality, pre-K programs ensure kids (particularly at-risk kids) are “kindergarten-ready,” which means they will have higher math and reading scores, better high-school graduation rates, lower rates of grade retention, and a host of other traits that help put students on a path to college and career success.

As if that isn’t enough of a reason to invest in Pre-K, Mississippians now have an incredible opportunity to designate their state taxes to make a direct investment in a local Pre-K Collaborative. And each contribution to an approved early learning collaborative is eligible for A $-FOR-$ STATE TAX CREDIT UP TO $1,000,000!


MS Pre-K Tax Credit Information

What is it?

Mississippi’s Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013 allows all Mississippians (individuals and businesses) to make a donation to an approved Pre-K Collaborative and receive a full state tax credit. In 2018, the legislature appropriated $6.5 million to be drawn down as a match to funds donated to any of 18 Pre-K Collaboratives in Mississippi. For more information and specifics about the tax credit, follow these links.

Pre-K Tax Credit One-Pager

Pre-K Tax Credit FAQ


Who is a part of it?

With the formation this year of the Hattiesburg Early Learning Collaborative serving 335 four year olds, Greater Hattiesburg is now home to THREE approved Pre-K Collaboratives. Lamar County and Petal School Districts were among the first collaboratives approved in 2013. Together, they are serving over 700 four year olds every year and are ready to receive your contributions.


How do you get involved?

1) Contact the Collaborative to which you wish to donate. Contact information can be found in this Pre-K Tax Credit One-Pager.

2) After making a donation, the MS Department of Education will issue you a donation certificate.

3) Indicate your donation when you file your state taxes to receive a full tax credit.


Questions?  Contact our Community Development team below.

Colby Bennett
Community Development Manager

Supporting our region’s Pre-K programs today is supporting our workforce of tomorrow.