Daniel Jayroe – Making a Difference

May 9, 2018


A little bit about me: My name is Daniel Jayroe, I am 28 years old and I live in Downtown Hattiesburg with my wife Megan, dog Tucker, and cat Dobby. I am blessed every day to be able to work at the Area Development Partnership as the Community Development Director. I find the Greater Hattiesburg region to be an incredible place to live and am grateful that I get to help positively impact it through community and economic development every day.

My journey into economic development: During my first job right after college, I would come home every day (yep, to my parent’s house) unfulfilled. Day in and day out, I felt as though I was doing the same arduous tasks instead of impacting the community around me and the people that lived in it. I’ll never forget the night after work when I went home and told my dad, in true millennial fashion, that I wanted a job that I love and one that I could wake up every day excited about going to. His response: “Daniel, very few people actually love their jobs.” From then on out, I knew I would be on a mission to find the one I loved. I was lucky because instead of it taking a lifetime to find, that job was just a short time away. Enter, graduate school. One of my best friends tried his hardest to get me to go into the Masters of Science in Economic Development program at USM when I first graduated, but I didn’t decide to until a year later. Within weeks after being accepted into the program, and after leaving my first job, I was fortunate enough to land an internship at the ADP. Fast forward almost four years later and I know that I couldn’t have made a better decision to do so.

Where I am today: It’s a fantastic and exciting feeling when you get out of bed each morning and look forward to what the day will bring. Whether it’s calendar items or, at many times, things that you didn’t know were in store, it doesn’t matter to me. I am just glad I’m able to positively impact the community. On a daily basis, I get to work on everything from workforce development and K12 education initiatives to SEMCIC, a small business loan program, downtown development, governmental and military affairs and much more. These directives help start small businesses, grow our community from the ground up, gain state and federal support for local projects, assist people in our community to become work or college ready and therefore more financially stable, and they overall aid Greater Hattiesburg in continuing to grow into a vibrant, economically prosperous community at all levels. Impacting the community around me and the people that live in it is what drives me and that is why I’m passionate about economic development. I get to do what I love each and every day and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. It doesn’t hurt that I get to work with an incredibly awesome group of people every day either!

Daniel Jayroe
Community Development Director
Twitter: @DanielJayroe
LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/Zso3yQ