About The ADP



The Area Development Partnership stimulates economic growth through the resources of its members and partners leading to an improved economic well-being and quality of life for Greater Hattiesburg citizens.

The ADP is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for citizens of Greater Hattiesburg through community and economic development. The ADP unites hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations, thus creating a unique agency working to enhance the region's economy and build a better community.


The Area Development Partnership (ADP) has a proud heritage in the community beginning in 1906 as the Commercial Club of Hattiesburg and then chartered as the Hattiesburg Chamber of Commerce in 1933. A new era began in 1992 when the Hattiesburg Chamber merged with the Forrest County Development Foundation to form the Area Development Partnership.

In 2001, the ADP merged with the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce, taking on the responsibility of chamber services for the two-county area. On May 1, 2002, the ADP entered into a contract agreement with Lamar County for Economic Development services. The ADP expanded its regional focus with Perry County on December 5, 2003. The partnership of these organizations is a step toward strengthening regionalism, that is, selling our area as one market. The partnership of these organizations is a step toward working collaboratively to strengthen the region.

Focus on Community

The ADP is separated into divisions that focus on issues of the community: Chamber of Commerce, Community Development and Economic Development. Over the past 20 years, Greater Hattiesburg has experienced tremendous growth due in large part to the aggressive efforts of the ADP toward economic development and community improvement. The goal of the ADP is to enhance the regional economy for the greater community by working together in creating new jobs and investment.  The ADP has approximately 850 members including individuals, small businesses and large multi-national companies.